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• Our main lines are LTL and FTL transportation from Turkey to England, France, Spain, Italy / Southern Italy, Finland, Hungary, Germany, Benelux, Denmark, Greece

• LTL and FTL export and import shipments from Poland, Serbia, Montenegro, Austria, Romania

• Providing logistic support with our contracted warehouses and agencies in England, Netherlands, France and Germany

 • Carrying out all Turkey and 3rd country shipments from England and the Netherlands.

 • Provision of suitable vehicles for LTL and FTL loading to Greece and Balkan countries

• Transporting to Iran, Iraq and United Arab Emirates in addition to Turki Republics

• Working with Turkey s largest supply network, with our self-owned vehicles, MINIVAN shipments from Turkey and Europe to all countries with affordable prices, instant information and fast service,

• Intermediate transportation and urban container transportation services to you with wide domestic transportation lines all over Turkey,

• Strong airway and seaway service, especially in America, France, the Middle East and China,

• We are proud to provide service for your overload project shipments from anywhere and everywhere in Turkey.